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Acupuncture 1st Trial (Consultation + Acupuncture 问诊+ 针灸) + Top-up $50 Promo

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Acupuncture 1st Trial (Consultation + Acupuncture 问诊+ 针灸)

First Trial Promotion includes: Consultation with TCMPB registered physicians 中医看诊 Acupuncture treatment 针灸

 Duration: 45 minutes including consultation

It relieves pain, enhances blood circulation, balances the body's energy, bolsters the immune system, regulates

hormones, reduces inflammation, induces relaxation, improves digestion, and supports mental well-being.

Personalized treatment plans are recommended for optimal outcome.

 Top-up $50 Promo

Start your Wellness journey with us now, avail of our Top-up $50 promo and get any of our Wellness capsule for only

$50 (reg. $128).

Terms & Conditions:
First Trial Promotion only for online booking customer’s. Applicable for first time customers only.
The customer must be a package holder to avail the Top-up $50 promo